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  1. Passive House in Okotoks
  2. Passive House in Okotoks
  3. Passive House in Okotoks
  4. Passive House in Okotoks
  5. Passive House in Okotoks
  6. Passive House in Okotoks
  7. Passive House in Okotoks

Communities are defined by the people who belong to them. They are also defined by the way we interact and by what we represent as a collective. The surroundings of 165 McRea, are clearly a neighbourhood with values rooted in pedestrian access, independent downtown enterprises, mature trees and shared gardens.

It is a community with a pulse, an area that thrives because it knows who it is and what a sustainable town represents. Our plans to redevelop the property into something that further unites the community and reaffirms who we are. It’s a plan that originated on Canadian soil but irrupted in Europe and has now become their new building standard with over 40,000 projects commissioned and certified Passivhaus (or Passive House).

But what is Passive House?

Sustainability and “green” are terms used quite liberally in conversation today with most people having an opinion but necessarily a clear definition. Passive House is simple, it’s sensible… It’s smart.

1. Create a super-insulated building envelope (more than just adding thicker insulation) thereby maximizing energy efficiency before addressing additional energy generation requirements

2. Computer modeled even the smallest design elements to enhance sun light capture and seasonal shading

3. Mechanically ventilate fresh, clean air (while recovering heat) then distributing it throughout the entire home to create optimal thermal balance and comfort

What do these strict design parameters create? A home that reduces its energy demand, instantly, by 90% without incorporating a single active energy system. (i.e. furnace, air conditioner, solar panel, geothermal, wind etc.)

A home that comforts us, by removing indoor temperature gradients and providing air quality as pure and refreshing as a mountain retreat.

A home that connects the outdoors and interacts with us and us with it.

A home that is unsurpassed in true, relative value and will continue to provide all these luxuries for generations.

Only a handful of these building have been certified by the German and Canadian Passivhaus institutes in Canada and we intend to introduce the very first to Alberta and this neighbourhood.


1. Water conservation through permeable pavers and xeriscaping throughout site.
2. Minimal North facing windows to reduce heat loss.
3. Clerestory windows for added day-lighting. Super insulated R-70 roof.
4. Optional solar panels (rough-ins provided) to achieve Net Zero energy requirement.
5. Solar shading for the Summer months.
6. Water retention on site with xeriscaping and native vegetation.
7. Triple glazed German windows that provide solar gains and maintain thermal comfort during the winter months.
8. R-60 pre-fabricated walls are made of natural materials (wood fibers) and wood siding which naturally “breathe” and are designed to last generations. Assembled to remove virtually all thermal bridging thereby achieving the highest air leakage standards in the world

*Interiors finished to Riva’s Clean Living Standard (i.e. formaldehyde and VOC-free) providing premier indoor air quality and general health.*

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