First Passive House built in Calgary is Ready

Mission Accomplished!

  1. Passive House in Calgary
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Here at Heyde-Haus we are feeling that we accomplished our mission as we handed the keys to the first passive house in Calgary, in the EchoHaven NW area of town!

A Passive House is a very well insulated house that you don’t have to install any conventional heating system. A super-insulated building envelope is the beginning of the process and, once the house is done, you can spot just a few details that will tell you that it’s a passive house, like triple glazed windows and doors, isolating the interior of the building.

Big windows facing south will enhance the sun light capture during the cold months, reducing its energy demand by 90%. The air quality is guarantee through a mechanically ventilated system that recovers heat and distributes it throughout the home creating optimal thermal balance and comfort.

The result is a very comfortable, sustainable and environmentally friendly home.

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